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Strategy Coaching & Consultation

What's next for your company? How are you going to get there? What happens when you're ready to disengage from the day-to-day and enjoy the fruits of your labors?

Identifying where your company is today and mapping a course forward can be a challenge. FusionForge Consultants is ready to be your outside set of eyes, asking the right questions and helping you find the answers that lead to a bright future for your company.

Operations policies & procedures

As your business grows and you add additional staff your need for solid policies and procedures changes. Do you find yourself spending time concerned about how your team interacts at the margins instead of providing value to your clients? It may be a great time for you to define the ground rules that pave the way for a silky smooth customer experience.

Accounting & Financial Systems

How much time to you spend thinking about bookkeeping and accounting? Is the answer none? Is the answer, "too much?" 

Whether you need a review of your existing chart of accounts or are considering a revamp of your entire financial system, FusionForge Consultants is prepared to be your guide through the process of setting up an accounting & financial system that provides insights into your business. Allow us to help you turn your data into business intelligence.


Brand Development & messaging

What do your potential customers know about you? Do you know how to find them? When you find them, how do you "talk" their language?

The way your brand is presented to the public has an enormous impact on how your organization is perceived. Let FusionForge guide you in putting the most accurate version of yourself forward.


Social Media & web consulting

Tackling the digital world can be a real challenge. How do you put your best foot forward? Which social media platforms are right for you? Should you manage your own website or find a local developer to help out? FusionForge Consultants can help you craft a plan to meet your business needs while successfully avoiding the black hole that internet marketing can be.



Financial Modeling

It's impossible to plan for the future if all you're doing is looking at your past. Effective budgeting and forecasting combines your past experience with an educated look at the future--allowing you to make decisions with eyes turned firmly ahead.

Organizational Structure

Our operations professionals can help you create an organizational hierarchy and investigate your various options for structuring your business. Let us be your guide for making the early decisions that will impact your business for years to come.


Special Projects

Do you have an initiative that you are ready to launch and lack the on-staff resources to manage that project right out of the gate? FusionForge Consultants is here to provide short term day-to-day or special project management while you determine the right fit to join your team on a permanent basis.


Web development

Your brand needs a website. Whether you are a new startup or an established company having a presence online is critical. What everyone doesn't need is an expensive, custom designed website. There may be a better way. For a fraction of the price FusionForge Consultants may be able to deliver the right-sized website for your needs--delivered in a timely manner at a fraction of the traditional costs.


Custom consulting & problem solving

Your pain points don't fit into a box, and neither should your consultant's solutions. FusionForge Consultants would love to begin a dialogue about what is holding your organization back. We want to know what makes you tick and what makes your business unique. Only after we gain a thorough understanding of your situation will we provide your no cost analysis of how we can work together to make your business the best that it can be.



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about us

In 2011, FusionForge Consultants founder Josh Perry started work with a local non-profit. The mission of the organization was going great and they were highly respected in the community. However, their growth had begun to slow. The board of directors recognized that what it was going to take to move the organization to the next level was different from what had gotten it to where it was today.

Working with the executive director, Josh was able to create a system of operations processes, Human Resources procedures, an accounting system that provided real insight into the business and a concrete strategy to help push the organization toward its next sets of goals. Since that time growth has sped back up: contributions are on the increase and service is being provider to even more members of our community than ever before.

As he looked around, Josh saw many other non-profits and small businesses suffering from the exact same challenge: business owners and leaders who were so busy working in their businesses that they didn’t have the time, energy or resources to devote toward crafting solutions for future growth.

Tbis problem was creating an artificial ceiling on the potential of the life blood of our economy. What our small businesses and non-profits needed was a one-stop partner to collaborate with them in creating custom solutions for their unique situations. As a result, in 2015 Josh launched FusionForge Consultants.


core values


We strive to create an environment of efficiency and effectiveness that honors the value of our clients’ & employees’ time; allowing them to be successful in business without sacrificing their outside commitments & opportunities.

community Impact

Passionate people make the world go around, and we work with passionate clients & employees to create an impact on our greater community.

Authentic relationships

We seek to build long-term, authentic relationships with our clients; taking the time to get to know them and their business and creating an on-going partnership between our brands.



FusionForge Consultants eliminates the roadblocks to growth for small business or non-profit enterprises by solving operations challenges and providing tools & training to raise their potential to the next level. As small businesses are the life blood of our economy and a key driver to the well-being of our community, we provide the best client experience to hardworking & passionate leaders, putting relationship and responsiveness over short-term profit.




The Team


Geoff Cocanower - social marketing strategist

A student pastor by day, Geoff has 10+ years working with businesses & non-profits to get their brands refined and into the market. Geoff works with organizations to establish healthy consistency in their online marketing presence. He regular puts on seminars for parents to educate them on the technologies that are available to their students. Geoff will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that works for you so you don't have to.


Josh Perry - Founder

Josh's career has spanned a variety of industries and a wide array of responsibilities. The constant through every position has been his role as an agent of change. A desire to drive improvement and efficiency has followed Josh his entire career.

As founder of FusionForge Consultants, Josh now focuses on helping business owners do what they love. Josh spends his time getting to know business owners and delivering custom tailored solutions to ease their pain points and take the next steps toward growing their businesses.






Let's start a dialogue.