accounting & financial Systems

Whether you need a review of your existing chart of accounts or are considering a revamp of your entire financial system, FusionForge Consultants is prepared to be your guide through the process of setting up an accounting & financial system that provides insights into your business. Allow us to help you turn your data into business intelligence.



FusionForge Consultants works with you to create an effective bookkeeping program for you and your staff to manage and has partner organizations that are prepared to completely take bookkeeping off your plate.


Tax Accounting

Having a CPA that you trust is a great start to tax accounting, but it isn't enough on it's own. Creating an internal process for your tax prep work will save you time and money. FusionForge Consultants is here to help you design that plan or manage your tax preparation work on an annual basis.


managerial Accounting

Where your numbers impact your business. FusionForge Consultants is poised to help you reduce expenses, improve cash flow, make business decisions and ultimately increase financial returns by creating a business environment where data turns into business intelligence. Plan, control and evaluate your business operations through effective budgeting, purposeful reporting and fair accountability.