Where is the love for accounting?

I have to make a confession…I haven’t balanced my personal checking account since February. It just seems pointless. I’ve basically got an idea of how much money I have…and it’s not like I’m going to be able to prove the bank wrong if I find a discrepancy.

That sounds really bad from a systems and accounting guy, right? Well…I LOVE working on my business accounting. Do you enjoy working on the bookkeeping and tax prep for your business? Chances are that you do not. In fact, for 40% of you, accounting & finance is what you consider the worst part of owning a business. Why is that? Why don’t more business owners take joy, or at least pride, in working on the financial end of their business?

Next week we’re going to dive into the topic of why business owners dislike accounting so much, but I want to hear from you. Comment below on what makes accounting and finance so *blegh*.

Until next week, this is Josh Perry from FusionForge Consultants.