Tax prep: Beyond the CPA

There’s a reason they say, “The only things you can count on are death and taxes.” Neither one is going away soon. Tax prep is always going to be a part of running your business.

Step 1 of tax prep is super simple: find a CPA that you can trust. Absolutely crucial. Your CPA is your partner that keeps you out of trouble and helps you plan for the future.

Everything else you do in tax accounting is about creating an interface with your CPA that makes tax prep as painless as possible. It’s about minimizing your time and financial commitment eaten up by the taxation process.

FusionForge Consultants is here for you. We’ve got years of experience working directly with CPA firms on tax preparation. We want to walk along beside you to develop and implement an internal process for compiling the data that your CPA needs in an efficient means and massaging your internal systems to produce that data in an automated way. This allows your CPA to focus on what they do best and keeps you from being billed for them to manipulate your financial data.

The next year is up to you. Your new streamlined and documented system is ready for you to take over, or FusionForge can continue to serve as your interface with your CPA. Either way, your new process is in place to serve you for years to come.

Give me a call, and let’s get you set up.