3 Basic Questions: Part 2 - Why you?

This series of articles focuses on 3 questions every business owner should be asking, regardless of what stage of life their business is in to help them grow to the next level.

There are a million people out there who are selling solutions to the same problem that your company does. Why should your customer choose you? As a business owner, you better be ready to answer this question. Peers are going to ask it at networking opportunities, consultants and advisers are going to ask it and most importantly--your customer is going to ask.

One of the best ways to shoot yourself in the foot is to not have an answer to the question, "Why you?" You'd be surprised how many business owners get a deer-in-the-headlights look when this question comes up. How are you supposed to sell your customer on your business when you aren't sold on it yourself?

Besides not having an answer to the "Why you?" question, the second worst mistake you can make is having an answer that doesn't differentiate you from your competition in any way. I fell into this trap when I first started seeking clients. My answer was that I really wanted to help business owners...well, to varying degrees all of my competitors want to do that! 

It takes really diving into your core values (which we discussed in the previous post), identifying what makes you different and making sure that those differences are something that your customer values to identify your answer to "Why you?"

I can't highlight enough the importance of making sure your difference is compelling to your customer. Try putting yourself in your customers' shoes and considering your answer. If I was a customer of XYC Company, would this difference make me want to buy from them? If you can't convince yourself, you need to head back to the drawing board and come up with another solution.