Why the e-myth is a good thing

In 1985, Michael E Gerber wrote a book introducing the "Entrepreneurial Myth" or the e-myth. The e-myth claims that most businesses are started by "technicians" instead of "entrepreneurs." This distinction means that most businesses are being operated by people who know nothing about how to run a business, but quite a lot about how to make or sell a specific item or service. As a result, most new businesses fail.

For 25 years the e-myth has been debated. Some pundits hold the concept to still be valid. Others claim that the digital and technical age has proven the concept to be out-of-date. This debate will continue to rage on for some time to come. 

You will be pleased to hear this, are you aware that the e-myth is a fantastic thing? It is true, most businesses are started by people who know more about doing what "they do" than how to operate a business. Here is why that is a good thing:

1. You aren't supposed to know everything.

Do you ever sit at your desk and marvel at all their is to keep track of? How is one person supposed to take care of everything that comes with running a business? They need help! That's how. Finding one person who knows how to run all the aspects of a business and knows how to do all of the tasks within that business with equal skill is like finding a bottomless coffee cup made out of a unicorn horn (it's exceedingly unlikely to happen). 

Rest assured, you are far from the only one to feel that pain. There is something liberating about giving yourself permission to have gaps in your knowledge. Go ahead, let out a breath.

2. Resources abound!

While I may disagree that the digital age has eliminated the e-myth; I will yield that technology has made it easier to deal with. Unsure how to complete a task? Google it! Need a connection within your industry to bounce ideas off of? LinkedIn to the rescue! Need to bring someone on board to help solve an issue or craft a new plan? Last time I checked there were something like 702 million consultants in America (don't quote me on that).

Living in an age where the solution to every problem is a button click away means that the e-myth only spells the impending doom of your business if you live with your head buried underground. 

3. Your expertise is what makes you valuable to your customer.

How terrible would it be, if instead of having those with a passion and knowledge to solve problems and create goods starting businesses all businesses were created by "business experts?" Boring...Your unique skill set is what makes your company special. Your above average and outside of the box solutions to life's challenges are the reason your business has a chance to succeed. Yes, you might have to bring along some help to keep you focused on the right questions, but don't for a second forget that you embody what your business is all about.

So, revel in your "technician-ness!" Thank God that you can have gaps in your knowledge, go hug your modem for keeping you connected to the internet and be proud of what your unique skills bring to your business. 

Josh Perryentrepreneurship