Strategic struggles: who has the time?

Take a look at your calendar, I’ll wait.

There’s no time on your calendar for strategic thinking is there? A 2016, Harvard Business Review article stated that 96% of business leaders lack time for strategic thinking. That updates an earlier article stating that 85% of executive teams spend less than one hour a month on strategy with 50% spending no time at all.

As we begin this week’s focus on the challenges of thinking strategically…there really is no better place to begin than time.

We are controlled by our schedules. We only get done what we intentionally take the time to do. Why would thinking strategically be any different?

A huge component of effective strategic planning is allocation of limited resources, and time is one of our most limited resource of all. Start your journey toward effective strategic thinking by scheduling and committing to spend time thinking strategically. Your future self with thank you.

Josh PerrystrategyComment