Strategic struggles: speaking the same language

We spent an entire post last week discussing the semantics of the terms “strategic thinking” and “strategic planning.” That illustrates today’s point clearly, the meaning of words matter.

Strategy is an abstract concept, there is plenty of room for interpretation. What I mean when I say strategy may differ from what you understand when you hear it. The same is true if I say objective, resource allocation, business activities or any of a dozen other terms likely to come up in our process of thinking strategically.

If you are going to engage a group in the process of strategic thinking, it’s crucial to get everyone on the same page. I recently took part in a program designed to help local churches be more effective in their mission. The first nine months of that two year program were dedicated toward making sure that leadership was all speaking the same language and understood what our purpose was.

I’m not telling you to spend nine months on establishing your language, I’m just saying…a few minutes spent establishing clearly what you mean will save a lot of headaches down the line.

Josh PerrystrategyComment