Strategic thinking: what's do you think?

It’s 2017, New Year/New You and all that non-sense right? Everybody is making a commitment for what they are going to change this year. Did you make any resolutions? I didn’t.

What about for your business? Heading into a new fiscal year is a common time for leaders to set new goals, new targets and new plans for the year ahead.

Planning ahead and setting goals? That sounds a lot like strategic thinking? What do you think about when someone says strategic thinking? Do you do it? Or do you consider strategic thinking a waste of time?

Our next series is going to dive into what strategic thinking is, what it isn’t and how it should play a role in your organization, but first I want to hear from you.

1.     What pops into your head when someone brings up strategic planning?

2.     To what extent does your organization structurally plan for the future?

3.     What resources are you lacking that would push your strategic thinking to the next level?

I look forward to connecting with you down in the comments.

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