Strategic struggles: hitting the target

Accurate target shooting combines many things: trigger control, accurate sighting, breathing and correct tension all combine to help you hit the bull’s eye. When you find yourself missing high or low from your aim point, the problem is probably tied to anticipation. You know the gun is going to go off and recoil, so you may slightly raise the gun before it actually fires—increasing the recoil and causing you to miss high—or you push against the recoil early—causing you to miss low.

Anticipation can also make us miss our aim point when it comes to strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is hard, so letting yourself off the hook early and pulling high to talk about objectives and goals can be a common mistake. Alternatively, it’s also easy to push low and dive right past strategic thinking into a discussion on tactics. Both objectives and tactics are important parts of your business, but they aren’t part of the true strategic thinking process.

How do you avoid missing high and low? The same way you do when shooting: practice, practice, practice.

Josh PerrystrategyComment