Strategic struggles - strategy in action

A successful sports franchise is one that has a sound strategy and then executes that strategy to perfection. The players know their roles and the coaching staff holds them responsible for executing the play as they have been coached all season.

Imagine the coach of your favorite football team draws up a beautiful play for a long pass, but he doesn’t tell the offensive line who they are supposed to block? Your quarterback takes the snap, drops back…and WHAM, he’s leveled by an unblocked rusher. A communication failure on the part of the head coach led to what many would assume was a failure on the part of the offensive line.

Now, imagine the same play, but the coach had told each lineman what they needed to do. Watching the game from the sidelines, how easy is it to tell who missed their assignment? It’s pretty tough, but the coaching staff knows. The line coach can take the guilty player aside and coach them up before the next play.

Like our fictional football team, your business relies on both strategy and execution to be successful. Communication of the strategy and individual accountability for each person’s role will turn a simple strategic document into a winning strategy.

Josh PerrystrategyComment