Punch. That's what we are always looking for in any marketing strategy. The kick that is going to get a person out of their seat and into your store, on your website or on the phone with your customer service representatives. But how do you get that punch?

Some would suggest that you need a perfectly designed graphic that will tell your customers what they need to know in pictures. Others might suggest that well-written copy is the route to go so that your customers know what to do as a result of whatever marketing they came in contact with. Still others will suggest that any publicity is good publicity.

Perhaps it is all of those and none of those.

The best marketing vehicles are the ones that convince a person they need something, they need it now and if they don't get it now their life will be significantly less vital. The best marketing has a combination of "punches."

1. Well designed graphics

If what you're selling looks like it came out of the free classifieds ad in the local papers, you will never attract newer, younger customers. Most people determine how they feel about a company well before they ever interact with that company. This reaction largely comes from the messaging that they see about the company. A little extra effort in the design department will give your organization that first-rate feel that most large companies engage with in-house. The perception your organization carries will be largely influenced by your ability to produce quality graphics and information.

2. Wordy is worse

Often you will receive a mailer or an email that is so pregnant with information that you start to feel bad because there is so much! Generally, we become more wordy as the stress of getting the information out grows. Concise communication is critical to moving your customer toward action. So many messages bombard us each day that if we see another huge article, people just tune out.

3. Strategic publicity is good publicity

As a business owner or a non-profit organization, the thought of healthy publicity can feel like a pipe dream. The reality is that an intentional, strategic approach to marketing will enable you to reach more people than you imagine. That means discovering and capitalizing on high post times, leveraging distinct relationships and carving into markets that have been untapped. Publicity is only good publicity if they are saying what you want them to say. 

But if you're a small business owner or a non-profit organization, you don't have the time or resources to make all this happen on your own. FusionForge is here to help. Building your own business can be a lonely journey, you don't have to face it alone.. Let us help you get your online presence looking like you.

You'll be glad you did!