Growth requires adapting

Like all living beings, your business was born, it lives and eventually it will die. Also, like all living beings, as your organization lives & breathes it goes through a series of distinct stages of development. Invention, Incubation, Growth, Stability, Stagnation & Renewal and eventually (hopefully a long, long time from now) Decline & Shut Down.

Each developmental stage of your business is full of it’s own challenges and importantly, it’s own critical factors for success. What has made your organization successful in one stage of development, may no longer be enough for continued success as you continue to grow. These stages of development play a role in the products and services you bring to market, your staffing, your leadership style, your marketing, your operations systems, your processes and procedures and every other aspect of your business.

In the coming weeks, we will spend some time in this space touching on many of these aspects as they interact with life cycle development. In the meantime, where are you on this life cycle today? If you’re having a hard time determining where you fall and how that impacts your business today and in the future, FusionForge is here for you. We can help you determine your organization’s current life cycle stage and prepare & implement plans to help you continue growing, or restart your growth if you’re in a period of stagnation.

The success of your organization is in your hands. It’s never too early to start thinking about your next stage of renewal & growth.