Create a brand that adds value

When I talk with small business owners and non-profit organization leaders, I often hear the question, “What am I supposed to do with my social media?” These are savvy leaders who know that they need to have a presence where people are present, but they don’t know what they would even share with the world. 

This simple, yet honest question is one that paralyzes some leaders into not doing anything. Other leaders that don’t have the time, but know they need something out there, grab some auto-posting application that keeps content up, but is hardly personal. Few small business owners and non-profit organization leaders have the time to manage their social media space, and if we’re honest, doing so would take them away from what their good at and what keeps the organization going.

Over the years, we’ve observed a few things that make a social media presence effective and connect with the people you already have relationship with. 

1. Give them something - Literally. Run a discount special for shares and likes. Offer some sort of promotional material for the user that gets your name out there the most. Make it valuable to your customer base. Sure, a mug or a pen with your name on it is nice, but do your current customers enjoy that you already provide? If you’re a non-profit organization with a banquet, give them a free seat to the banquet. If you’re a small business that provides a service, give them a discount. Give your current customers incentive to interacting and staying loyal to your brand because your brand will occasionally give away something that is valuable to them.

2. Give them someone - Tell the story of your organization. If you have customer service representatives, run some bios on those individuals so your customers can know who they are talking with when they call. If you serve orphans around the world, tell the story of one of your partners. People live vicariously through the stories we tell, so giving them a narrative that inspires or informs them of who your organization is will cause your customers to buy-in that much more. 

3. Add value to their life - Whatever your organization provides, safe to say that your current customers have trusted you to be the best at that thing. While the existence of your organization is dependent upon their turning to you for that expertise, show them how they can do some of the small things. If you’re a carpet cleaning company, show them some tips and tricks to getting small stains out. If you’re a group that mentors students, tell them some of the things that you share in your training. No matter what your organization does, your brand does something that adds value to people’s lives. So, let your brand do that to.

This list is not nearly exhaustive, but it is a start. The reality is that many small business owners and non-profit organization leaders don’t have the time to make sure this is happening. Give us a call at Fusion Forge Consultants and we can help you be a brand that adds value to your customers. We can help you drive brand loyalty and expand your list by adding value to your current one.

Geoff Cocanower